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It’s a fact that 1-800-DryClean has been around for many, many years. It is also a fact that our name is synonymous with great services and professional, courteous customer service. What you may not know is that our well established name 1-800-DryClean has coupled itself with the oldest name in dry cleaning in the country, Martinizing Delivers to make for the very best in garment care and pickup and delivery ever. Call us right now at 650.482.8858 and speak to one of our staff members to find out even more.

Along with partnering with the oldest name in dry cleaning, our services have evolved to comply with what customers expect in today’s world. Our dry cleaning and laundry cleaning processes are environmentally safe cleaning processes. Our best service is convenience and that convenience begins with our free pickup and delivery services. You never have to come to the cleaner and drop off your garments again. We pick up from your home or office. And if you gotta go, you gotta go. Tell us where you will leave your clothes and we’ll get them per your instructions.

It’s easy to do:

  • Call and schedule a pickup at 650.482.8858
  • Can’t wait around just tell us where you’ll leave the clothes
  • We’ll come and pick up your load(s)
  • We’ll deliver you fresh clean clothes on the scheduled delivery day.
  • Completely free service

1-800-DryClean CA - Services - LaundryWe’ve got more services just for you:

  • Comforter & Household Items
  • Eco–Friendly Dry Cleaning
  • Express/Same Day Service Available
  • Leathers/Suedes
  • Professional Wet Cleaning Service
  • Professionally Finished Laundered Dress Shirts
  • Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation
  • Delivery Service Available
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Smoke Restoration & Remediation

Have you ever tried our alteration and tailoring services? Here more about that quality and valuable service we do for our customers:

1-800-DryClean provides complimentary repair service for many of your minor mending needs—you don’t even need to ask. If we see a broken shirt button that must be replaced we will do so automatically, free of charge.

We also provide a full line of affordable alteration and tailoring services.

  • Pants alterations: take in the waist and alter the hem
  • Suit alterations: shorten sleeves, tailor pants, and suppress waists
  • Wedding dress alterations: hemming, bodice alterations, and sleeve shortening
  • Prom dress alterations: your prom dress will fit perfectly for the big dance
  • Seam stitching
  • Zipper replacements
  • Many other minor repairs

To ensure that we provide you with the quality service you expect from 1-800-DryClean, we require your signed permission and specific instructions for each garment. If you send in a garment that is significantly damaged without instructions attached, we will contact you BEFORE cleaning it, with an attached note requesting your permission to do the necessary work.

You can see that we are thorough when it comes to your garment care and we will continue to earn your trust and confidence each time you call us at 650.482.8858 to come and get your garments. We do this every day for all of our customers. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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1-800-DryClean has the services that you need to look your best without harming the environment.
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