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In Redwood City CA when someone asks about dry cleaning we’re the first name recommended

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Whenever someone asks about a dry cleaner in Redwood City, 1-800-DryClean immediately comes to mind. We are the best dry cleaners in Redwood City and surrounding areas. Our reputation has been and remains good and true. It’s not a brag it’s a fact. If you want to see for yourself, call us now at 650.482.8858. You won’t catch us off guard with your requests for dry cleaning services or laundry services because that what we are known for— that’s what we do!

We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers, which makes us the best choice for all your garment care needs. One great way we have advanced our tried and true name is by partnering with Martinizing Delivers, the largest and oldest dry cleaning franchise in the USA. By partnering with this great name we have continued to provide the excellent services for which we are known and we’ve made strides in keeping up with the times and demands of our customers.

The best service we offer when you call 1-800-DryClean is convenience. When we offer you convenience we know that in this global society families and other businesses want to maximize their day and see positive results. We feel you. That is why we provide convenience. The first and best convenience that we give to all of our customers remains free pickup and delivery services for all of your dry cleaning needs and your laundry needs.

Here’s what happens when you call us at 650.482.8858:

  • Together we schedule a pickup day.
  • You leave your garments in the bright blue weather resistant bag we provide for them.
  • We come to your home or to your office and get the garments
  • We return freshly cleaned and pressed garments back to you

1-800-DryClean CA - Dry Cleaning - Dry CleaningIn addition, we understand that you may not be able to wait around for us to show up. That’s not a problem. We know that the kids have to be dropped at school; you have to go to the grocery store, gotta stand in line at the post office; have to get to the dentist ; have to set up that PowerPoint presentation for that business meeting with your company president; etc. We understand the daily grinds of life. So, go and do what you have to do. Just instruct us on where your bright blue bag will be, and we’ll get it from that location. You can leave your dry cleaning:

  • At the front door
  • Back door
  • Patio
  • By the garage door
  • In the garage (access code)
  • On the front or back porch
  • In your office while you’re at that meeting

Really, we’ll come and get it and deliver it where you designate. We will apply our advanced cleaning environmentally friendly processes to your clothing, as well. Our dry cleaning process is safer for you, your health and the environment.

A service that we provide, which we know will be great for you is textile dry cleaning. We know how to handle all your household linens:

Comforters and bedspreads

Bedding is often tailored, quilted, or adorned, requiring special attention to the item. We will select the best care method for your comforter or bedspread.


Draperies undergo a multitude of exposure damages; age, moisture, light, heat, and tobacco smoke just to name a few. Regular professional dry cleaning by us will ensure draperies made of an average fabric can last three to five years.


Usually, upholstery textiles are not suitable for immersion cleaning and therefore, should be cared for by the professional dry cleaners we utilize. We know how to care for your furniture textiles to help you maintain the look and beauty of it for many years.

We remain up to date with the demands of customers and their expectations of us. Call us and see what we can do for you and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction. At 1-800-DryClean our services are the best. That means that we are the only dry cleaners you need for all your garments. Call us today at 650.482.8858.

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