Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup and Delivery

1-800-DryClean provides for all of its customers the best convenience of all – free Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup and delivery

1-800-DryClean CA - Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup and Delivery - Dry Cleaning

As industry leaders 1-800-DryClean is always striving to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. We examine our services all the time to see how we can remain loyal to our customers so that they can remain loyal to us, as well. We want to be your only dry cleaner. The families in today’s society ask much more of the businesses they support. They want their money to go a long way and they want perks when spending money and when supporting businesses. At 1-800-DryClean we get that and we are up on it. You can call us right now at 650.482.8858 and try our services. We are so confident that we’re the best and will remain the best just to keep you wanting our quality and expert services.

One way we have kept up with the trends of this 21st Century is by partnering with the oldest established name in dry cleaning, Martinizing Delivers. Our own reputation for dry cleaning and laundry remains strong. We also continue to make strides in the dry cleaning industry. And now that we are in league with Martinizing Delivers, you can be confident that our convenient services will remain the best in garment care for years to come.

Dry cleaning and laundry pickup services continue to be our greatest help to you. If we sound confident, we are. We are confident that when you make us your only choice for dry cleaning and laundry services, you will see immediately that you made the right decision.

  • Call us at 650.482.8858 and schedule a pickup.
  • Your clothes are picked up on the scheduled day free of charge.
  • You save 2 trips to the store per week.
  • Your clothes are delivered back to you on the scheduled delivery date.

1-800-DryClean CA - Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup and Delivery - LaundryThat’s it. We do all the rest. So it just stands to reason that when it comes to reliable, affordable, and convenient dry cleaning, 1-800-DryClean is the only choice. Free pickup and delivery opens up the lane to all of our other quality services. Here is what happens when we pick up your dry cleaning:

  • We provide you with a bright blue weather resistant bag for your garments.
  • When your clothes are ready we pick them up from your home or office.
  • You don’t have to be there when we come. Just tell us the place you leave them (porch, garage with access code, front door, back door, office suite.
  • We dry clean the garments that need dry cleaning.
  • We launder, fluff and fold the clothing that need laundering.
  • We do minor alterations free of charge-any broken, cracked or missing buttons, for instance.
  • You will never have a late delivery or a missed pick-up, guaranteed.

Customers today demand an environmentally safe workforce in this world we all live in. We agree completely. Our dry cleaning processes are safe for you, the clothing and the earth. We all win that way. When we pick up your dry cleaning we will return clean fresh smelling clothing without any heavy dry cleaning odors.

We have committed ourselves to the best dry cleaning processes to produce superior results. We care for your dry cleaning garments.

Here is another great stride we’ve made, keeping up with the expectations of the customers who trust us to do their laundry and dry cleaning.

Just don’t like doing the laundry or don’t have the time to do laundry, plus fluff, plus fold it? Well, we do. We provide fluff and fold laundry services. Give your laundry to us and scratch that task off your list. Pencil in “put laundry out for 1-800-DryClean today.” When you get your laundry back, we’re sure you’ll call us again to do your laundry for you. It will smell fresh and clean and your closets and drawers will be full of clean clothing for the week. Call us at 650.482.8858 right now. We have your bright blue bag ready.

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1-800-DryClean has the services that you need to look your best without harming the environment.
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